Beeswax Wrap 3 Pack
Beeswax Wrap 3 Pack
Beeswax Wrap 3 Pack

Beeswax Wrap 3 Pack

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The 3 pack is a great introduction to the world of sustainable food storage. Our naturally antibacterial wraps are perfect for taking food to work, or a friend's house, storing left overs, cheese, baked goods, fruit, and anything else you would use plastic wrap for.


1 Small Wrap (8" x 8"*)
1 Medium Wrap (10" x 10"*)
1 Large Wrap (12" x 12"*)


Made with local Vancouver Island beeswax, tree resin and organic coconut oil infused into 100% cotton.


Wrap your Honey Pot Wrap around a bowl or food item.  Press the wrap around the edges to seal it in place.


Hand wash with cool to lukewarm water and a gentle soap, air dry. We do not suggest use with raw meat. Make sure food is cooled down before storing in wraps. Not intended for use with heat or microwave. Your wraps will last up to a year depending on use and care - and are fully biodegradable and compost friendly at the end of their life. 

*Wraps are hand cut and as such size variance can happen.