Dish Soap Block

Dish Soap Block

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As basic as a soap can be, while having skookum cleaning skills. 

Use a wet dishcloth/sponge/scrubber and lather directly on the block.  Hand wash yo' dishes as normal.   You can also lather the block with your hands under running water  to give your dishes some pampering in a bubble bath.  For stuck on crud, fill the dish with water and soak with the block for a minute or two, or use a teeny, tiny shaving of the block in the water.

Hand crafted (we feel like mad scientists) at Honey Pot Headquarters, with only a little influence from Fight Club.  

Made from simple ingredients - organic coconut oil, distilled water, NaOH (this turns the oil into soap), beeswax and essential oils (our plain block has no essential oils, just the sweet goodness of it's own soapy scent).

Blocks are approximately 100g